1. How does the architect establish fees and when will payments be expected?
We generally base fees of a percentage of the build cost. For smaller projects, fees are a higher percentage in comparison to larger project due to the relative amount of work. For example, a £10m project, 3% fees would be common whereas for £100,000k fees are likely in the region of 8-10%

2. How does the architect tie fee payments to milestones or phases in the scope of work?
Our fees are generally based on three stages, planning, building regulations and contract administration. At eh start of each stage, down payments are required before starting work, then monthly instalments (depending on size of job) and final payment at the end of each stage. There is then no commitment to continue to the next stage.

3. What specific services do the fees cover?
Every project differs. We’ll prepare a fee quote with a full breakdown of services.

4. How does the architect establish fees for additional services?
Additional services can be charged at an hourly rate or by agreeing a fixed fee.

5. If consultants are necessary, are their fees included in the architects quoted fee or are they separate services?
Fees for surveyors, structural, electrical and mechanical engineers, party wall surveyors etc are in addition to architectural fees. We can give an estimated price based of experience and suggest the consultants we regularly use.

6. Will the architect provide construction cost estimates for the project?
We will try our best to estimate the costs for the project although until tenders are returned, prices are purely estimates.

7. Will there be additional charges for changes required and if so, how are these charges calculated?
We make changes within reason.  We are happy to make small changes but major divergences that require a lot of time to amend will be charged for. These fees will be agreed prior to undertaking works.

8. How we can help you?
We are based in Barnet and give commitment free consultations within the local area. We can help you through all stages of the design and construction. Give us a call on 0208343969 or email info@scottsampson.co.uk